High-end retouching workshop with Natalia Taffarel

Two days of intensive learning with Natalia Taffarel, one of the best retouchers in the industry.

The best tools and advanced techniques

Warsaw, June 10-11th, Al. Jerozolimskie 123a, (Millenium Plaza, 26th floor) Register now and save

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improve your skills
No matter whether you retouch a year or ten. Who does not develop this goes backwards.
Learn the best tools and techniques
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Squeeze as much as possible out of them
MASTER the color and the composition
learn from the Elite

Portfolio of Natalia

About Natalia

My name is Natalia Taffarel, I’m from Argentina and my life is retouching. Becoming a Digital Artist was a natural progression for me. I have a background in Advertising and Graphic Design, and I was born in to a family of printers, therefore I grew up with a great understanding of colour theory and I learnt every method of traditional printing in side out.

Natalia Taffarel

 I began learning Photoshop as a hobby, which quickly turned in to an obsession. My printing background proved useful, as many of the filters that are used in the Photoshop are based on the analogue methods which aided in my understanding. I have since become a Certified Adobe Expert, and built up a strong client base. I find the retouching process an inspired way to take a good image and develop it in to something perfect, or to make a perfect image amazing. I’m a neurotic, detail maniac, control freak who thinks beauty is shown solely through the details. Everything has a hidden beauty and it’s my job to unleash it. I believe hard and constructive criticism is the only way of achieving continued self-improvement. I strive to be the best. As you can see… I’m also modest!


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2 day workshop

additional materials from Natalia

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Workshop's program

On the first day I talk, show and do. People watch, listen and take notes. I always start talking about perception, how we see, how we learn. About criteria and Talent. I believe is important for people to understand the thought processes behind artistry, the basis for aesthetic decisions.

The rules of composition and color theory are based on intrinsic, almost instinctive brain reactions to the characteristic of elements and their interactions with each other, understanding WHY we like certain things and hate others, what about taste we can predict, only then we can control all the aspects of creating images. Advertising principles applied to photography, one could say. I cover composition from the Kandinsky angle but made simpler and applicable to commercial and editorial photography. Also, and more importantly I explain how the principles of composition apply to color. Color composition. Not only the artistic aspect of Color Theory will be covered but also the psychology and technical aspect of color as well as I´m confident is the most important part of retouching. How to effectively and harmoniously put together a color palette for every image. I also talk about the market, myths and misconceptions. The real photographers and the gurus, who we should listen to and who we should ignore. The references as I think Visual culture is key to creating appealing art. Ignorant people don´t create beautiful things. I draw a very clear path or blueprint for the young photographer/retoucher. The do´s and don´ts of the industry when it comes to learning and growing as a professional. I also make a distinction about the different niches of photography because it´s not the same to retouch a comercial catalog, beauty image, than a portrait or a editorial fashion story. Intention is very important. I explain each one and the differences. From the editing, even before we open the image in photoshop. How to be organised and work from the beginning in a non destructive client/ad agency friendly matter. Selection and organising in Bridge and Conversion in Capture 1, done in a calibrated screen. Why? That´s the first thing I explain, use professional tools if you want professional results. Getting the best from your file for the desired output. Color and light density right from the start. Introduction to the workflow. File kinds, extensions, profiles, spaces, color depth, software, everything you say you know but you don´t really understand. Introduction to color management. Workflow order. Understand how to work closely with the client. Masking, is covered in depth because nothing gets done in retouching without masking. Different ways of masking and the theory behind luminosity masks. Extractions. Color adjustments, color tools for grading using masks Working and understanding texture. Creating, replacing, enhancing texture. Frequency separation and WHY NOT TO band pass the low. Light, next to color, the more important part of retouching (specially true for beauty) D&B - How and when. How to alter shape with light and create depth enhancing details and making surfaces tight and sharp.

The second day is the practise day, the students get to do. I go over everything but this time the students follow me reproducing my workflow in their own images, so they see it works with any image from beauty to product. Step by step. First they select a color palette for their image and make the raw conversion. Then they do the color grading and create the folders to keep the work in photoshop organised. Then, it´s time to liquify and work on texture. I make sure to walk in between the tables and SEE how they are doing it so I can tell them what they do wrong. Same with color corrections and D&B - Each step is overseen by myself. Explained and reproduced by them. The students can also ask me any question and show me (the braves ones) their portfolio. Be warned: If they decide to show me their portfolios, everything from the editing, the order, the border size, the printing, everything will be taken into account for the review.

Warsaw, June 10-11th, Al. Jerozolimskie 123a, (Millenium Plaza, 26th floor) Register now and save